Croydon Street Based Team

During the summer we worked along side Croydon’s Street Based youth team visiting various parks and open spaces around Croydon borough, there was arrange of activities being delivered by the team: Football coaching with crystal palace community team, arts and crafts for the younger age groups, cooking (life skills) and graffiti art workshops.

here are some photos from the workshop.


Mulalley Workshop

We had the pleasure of working with Mulalley Construction Company again on a one day workshop with pupils from Garfield Primary School, in Southgate, North London. They helped us to create a huge mural on boards which will be mounted onto to some hoardings near the school. The theme was ‘Beautify Enfield”


Zero Degrees skate park in New Haven

On March 7th Positive Arts was invited down to the grand opening of the Zero Degrees skate park in the BigParksProject at Peace Haven.

the day was packed with skating events along with many other activities happening all over the park with a new children’s play ground, new community cafe, public stalls and educational workshops about the local Archaeology .

Our focus for the day was to paint the back of the half moon ramp and to involve as many young people in creating the graffiti mural.

In total we had over 25 young people taking part throughout the day, below are photos of us all in action with the sun setting on us at the end of a great day!



Harlow Foyer graffiti workshop

We have just finished a 3 day graffiti workshop working at Occasio House (Harlow Foyer) creating works of art on two walls in there training room using mixed mediums.
With over 15 young people involved in all the stages from the design to finishing the murals.

the concept for the first wall titled “choose your Destiny” was to send a message that the life choices you make decides you own destiny.

the concept for the second wall titled “be wise” is of a fantasy woodland with a colourful wise owl centering the wall.



Aylesbury Estate Community Garden Graffiti Mural

Autumn 2014 half term we spent the week working with young people from 2inspire youth club and Aylesbury Estate, helping to create a graffiti mural for there Community Garden which holds plots for local residents to grow a variety of food and flaura from squashes to sunflowers and is a place for all to learn about cultivation.