Anti-Bullying Week

Last week it was the UK’s anti-bullying week and the Diana Award organised  events all over the country inviting young people to come and explore the issue of bullying through creative workshops led by top talent/celebrities.

At the London event,  Positive Arts joined forces with TV’s  Carrie Grant,  Twist and Pulse, Matt Lapinskas (Anthony Moon- EastEnders), Craig Roberts (Actor- Submarine, Tracey Beaker, CCBC Young Dracula), Arthur Landon (Writer/Director) and some of the Waterloo Road stars .

Kids had a choice of taking part in graffiti, dance, singing, rap/poetry and much more! A live show featuring some of the best work was a grand finale to the day.

The Diana-Award programme trains young people across the UK to be anti-bullying ambassadors in their schools and communities.

Later that week Positive Arts travelled up to Wigan for another day of workshops, training and fun!  The workshops give the children inspiration, practical ideas and top tips to beat bullying.

The standard of work throughout both days was incredibly high with the children putting forward really great creative ideas.

Ultimately, the children go on to be ambassadors who help to prevent bullying and ensure everyone feels safe and happy in their school.

Here are videos of the events:



Ranscombe Farm Reserve Community Mural Project

Ranscombe Farm is a nature reserve on the slopes of the North Downs in Kent. Recently declared as a country park, a large part of the site is within the Cobham Woods Site of Special Scientific Interest, and the whole farm is within the Kent Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.  Ranscombe Farm has been an important botanic site for hundreds of years.

Funded by the Heritage Lottery Money, Plantlife, the organisation responsible for the  Ranscombe Farm Reserve, asked Positive Arts to run a  new community art project, working with the local community to design and create a mural for the underpass beneath the M2. The underpass, which until now has been left neglected for years, leads from Albatross Avenue to Ranscombe Farm Reserve and on to beautiful open countryside.

Positive Arts held a community consultation session and working along side 30 young people from the Medway Youth Service, the theme ‘come and discover – come and explore’ was developed highlighting the magical journey to and through Ranscombe Farm.

The underpass is Positive Arts biggest mural to date – 250 feet long on two sides and the team were painting for 3 weeks. The mural is now complete and the subway is much more welcoming and appealing to visitors. It is hoped that the ownership, passion and pride felt by the people involved, will help towards the long-term preservation of the underpass and create a feeling of community cohesion.


Local Press


Summerversity in Islington

Last week Positive Arts took part in Islington Council’s ‘Heatwave 2013’ summer programme, called ‘Summerversity’ which offered young people a wide range of free creative activities indoors and out.

Our artists helped children create professional pieces of 3D Graffiti Art down at Toffee Park Youth Project. The idea was for Positive Arts and local children and young people to team up and totally transform the area in front of the centre by re-doing the mural and clearing the outside space.

The mural which was previously falling apart, had new life breathed into it by the team turning it ‘3D’ using recycled materials that were found in the street. The children were taught how to look at an object that might at first seem like rubbish, and then turn it into art. Recycled wood pallets, originally used for paint storage, and recycled wooden boards were used along with expanding foam which was put onto paper and spray painted. Slogans were also used in the mural ‘You only live once’ and ‘Haters get a life’ and these were then made into cool T-shirts! On the last day the children showed off the T-shirts in a fashion show.

A handful of really dedicated children threw their all into this project, so a massive well done and thank you to them from Positive Arts.






Addington School, Reading

Last week Positive Arts headed to Wokingham to work with the students at Addington School. Addington is a special school which caters for 205 pupils with moderate, severe or profound learning needs many of whom have associated sensory, motor and/or behaviour difficulties including ASD.  The pupils created these amazing boards for display themed on their school ethos. They all had a great day and were very proud of their works!




Liquitex and Cass Art present Positive Arts

Positive Arts artists Mr Cenz, Aero and Solo One painted some futuristic styles of graffiti on the hoardings next to Cass Art, Islington for Liquitex spray paint! The shape of things to come!