22 / 08 / 2013

Summerversity in Islington

Last week Positive Arts took part in Islington Council’s ‘Heatwave 2013’ summer programme, called ‘Summerversity’ which offered young people a wide range of free creative activities indoors and out.

Our artists helped children create professional pieces of 3D Graffiti Art down at Toffee Park Youth Project. The idea was for Positive Arts and local children and young people to team up and totally transform the area in front of the centre by re-doing the mural and clearing the outside space.

The mural which was previously falling apart, had new life breathed into it by the team turning it ‘3D’ using recycled materials that were found in the street. The children were taught how to look at an object that might at first seem like rubbish, and then turn it into art. Recycled wood pallets, originally used for paint storage, and recycled wooden boards were used along with expanding foam which was put onto paper and spray painted. Slogans were also used in the mural ‘You only live once’ and ‘Haters get a life’ and these were then made into cool T-shirts! On the last day the children showed off the T-shirts in a fashion show.

A handful of really dedicated children threw their all into this project, so a massive well done and thank you to them from Positive Arts.