stockwell primary sch 001

Stockwell Primary School Playground

Our team have just brightening up the recently refurbished playground at Stockwell Primary School, Brixton with some bright, simple and effective artwork on the walls, which links in with the school logo, colour scheme and ethos.

windmill 004

Brixton windmill mural is finally unveiled!

We have finally finished the huge Brixton Windmill restoration on Lyham Road. It has taken the team consisting of Julian Phethean (Mr Cenz), James Titchner (Aero), Edward Shearon (Tizer) and Boyd Hill (Solo One) 2 weeks of hard work to recreate our Positive Arts version of the old mural from 1983. The original was painted by Mick Harrison and Caroline Thorp and had fallen into disrepair in recent years. Our design was a mix of some of the original elements such as the scroll and windows but we changed the central and outside images to bring it more up to date and current. The central image depicts the windmill in 1816 when it was first built and the outside windows are a mix of pictures such as the inside workings of the mill, the process of making bread and growing vegetables. It has been a hugely successful intergenerational community project with over 1oo different local people of all ages (8-80 yrs) doing their bit. The Clapham Film Unit have been making a short film of the process and the history of the Brixton murals- watch this space!

Big thanks to Vinnie O’Connel, The Clapham Film Unit, The London Mural Preservation Society and the Heritage Lottery for funding the project!

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Check us in action on the timelapse


Workshops for Amicus Horizon

We have just finished a series of 4 one day workshops for Amicus Horizon at the Streatham Youth and development Trust. The y/p did some great boards for display within the centre themed on dangerous dogs!

BELS 003

Action for Impact workshops

We have been back working with BELS (Business and Education London South) over two days to create some more fantastic canvases which will go on display at a huge, multi agency event in association with Crystal Place Football Club. The theme of the artwork was young people views, feelings and experiences of living in Croydon. The workshops were really successful with a lot of in-depth discussions and some amazing resuts!