Zero Degrees skate park in New Haven

On March 7th Positive Arts was invited down to the grand opening of the Zero Degrees skate park in the BigParksProject at Peace Haven.

the day was packed with skating events along with many other activities happening all over the park with a new children’s play ground, new community cafe, public stalls and educational workshops about the local Archaeology .

Our focus for the day was to paint the back of the half moon ramp and to involve as many young people in creating the graffiti mural.

In total we had over 25 young people taking part throughout the day, below are photos of us all in action with the sun setting on us at the end of a great day!


people ex 002

Green Light Project for People Express

We kicked off the New Year with a trip up to the Midlands to work with arts organisation People Express again. We did a one day workshop with an ‘at risk’ group of boys from a local school and created two brilliant group work boards for display. They were very proud of their creations and showed an enthusiasm seldom seen in school lessons!


PA hoardings for the Cherry Orchard Arts Festival

Positive Arts artists Mr Cenz, Tizer and Aero braved the wind, rain and freezing temperatures to create a huge victorian circus themed mural on a hoardings in central Croydon for the Cherry Orchard Arts Festival


6 – Week Street Art Course for GMC Living

We have just finished a 6-Week Street Art Course with a group of residents @ GMC Living in Plaistow, London, which was funded by the East Thames Group. During the course the participants had the opportunity to work closely with our experienced artists, learning lots of new skills and gaining the help and assistance in creating some very personal pieces of artwork for display within their art room.

‘The course went brilliantly and the residents really got alot out of it”

Ruth Biddlecombe

Occupational Therapist


Brandon 3 Estate mural

We have just finished a mural with Community Space Challenge, Southwark on Brandon 3 Estate, Camberwell, London. The theme was to reflect the local wildlife, environment and the CSC vegetable growing project. All the community came out to help our artists create this amazing piece, which is much loved by the residents.