St Matthew’s Primary School Murals

The team have just completed 3 large works of art at St Matthew’s Primary School,  transforming the schools entrance.

on our arrival we spent the day talking to the pupils about our murals and how they are created, we visited the walls to be painted and discussed how we can make them more inviting and exciting..

we spoke about the schools class names and how they are all named after animals and plants from around the united kingdom, it was also mentioned that the schools 5 values where to be represented within the designs (support, positive relationships, achievement and success, coping skills and confidence) also the schools motto “we are a Happy Centred School”
other considerations where the schools owl logo along with the uniform colours and the schools sports.

from this we designed 3 murals

1. landscape/wildlife mural incorporating as many of the animals and plants of the class names
with the school motto very large and centred.

2. sports wall / cricket, dodge ball, football, netball.

3. owl wall / based on the school logo with a wise owl in there nest with 3 young owls in school jumpers representing the pupils being taught and cared for.

throughout  the different stages the pupils came out and watched the murals take shape and asked us many questions about what we where doing and how parts of the mural where created.

overall the project has inspired and brightened a space for all to enjoy.

here are photos of the murals:

Short Time-lapse created by: Mr Thomas Green from St Mathews Primary School


Palace Road Nature Garden Mural

We have just finished a huge mural on the side of the the St Mungo’s Trust building which faces into the Palace Road Nature Garden in Streatham Hill. The wall depicts the seven continents of the world as stain glass windows to reflect the multicultural community. It was a great inter-generational project working with 3 to 70 year old’s from the local area. The mural has mad a huge difference to the enjoyment and profile of the lovely nature garden. It was funded by Lambeth Council and supported and organised by the friends group, headed by Gerry Mc Ateer.

For the opening local celebrity Levi Roots came down and unveiled the windows one by one. It was a great day and celebration of a wonderful project.

Photos of the local community getting involved.

Photos of the mural completed.

Levi Roots unveils the stain glass windows.

image copyimagepalace-road



Mural at King Georges Field, Croydon

Over the half term we have been working with the Healthy Living Project in Croydon to create a huge public mural on a very neglected wall in King Georges Field, Selhurst, Croydon. The artwork shows the history of the area and a modern interpretation of King Georges Crest. The artwork makes a huge difference and has been greatly received by the locals.


Palace and Parish

Reeves Corner, Croydon

We have just finished working with the Heathly Living Team (Croydon YOS) to bring to life the shutters of three shops opposite reeves corner that sustained fire damage during the riots last year. We worked with young offenders on reparation to paint a positive and uplifting landscape mural showing the old town of Croydon in the 1800’s. We depicted a scene of local landmarks such as the Old Palace, Parish Church and meeting of the rivers Wandle and Bourne. The response from the public was overwelmingly positive, people from all ages groups gave us amazing support and praise, one lady said ” I don’t normally stop and speak to people on the street but this makes me feel so happy”

This is first of many well needed community projects in Croydon, which has so many spots needing attention- watch this space and enjoy the first installment!

Here is a press article from The Croydon Advertiser


Brandon 3 Estate mural

We have just finished a mural with Community Space Challenge, Southwark on Brandon 3 Estate, Camberwell, London. The theme was to reflect the local wildlife, environment and the CSC vegetable growing project. All the community came out to help our artists create this amazing piece, which is much loved by the residents.