Reeves Corner, Croydon

We have just finished working with the Heathly Living Team (Croydon YOS) to bring to life the shutters of three shops opposite reeves corner that sustained fire damage during the riots last year. We worked with young offenders on reparation to paint a positive and uplifting landscape mural showing the old town of Croydon in the 1800’s. We depicted a scene of local landmarks such as the Old Palace, Parish Church and meeting of the rivers Wandle and Bourne. The response from the public was overwelmingly positive, people from all ages groups gave us amazing support and praise, one lady said ” I don’t normally stop and speak to people on the street but this makes me feel so happy”

This is first of many well needed community projects in Croydon, which has so many spots needing attention- watch this space and enjoy the first installment!

Here is a press article from The Croydon Advertiser

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