Harlow Foyer graffiti workshop

We have just finished a 3 day graffiti workshop working at Occasio House (Harlow Foyer) creating works of art on two walls in there training room using mixed mediums.
With over 15 young people involved in all the stages from the design to finishing the murals.

the concept for the first wall titled “choose your Destiny” was to send a message that the life choices you make decides you own destiny.

the concept for the second wall titled “be wise” is of a fantasy woodland with a colourful wise owl centering the wall.



Street Art course for the Barking Foyer

We have been working with a group of young residents from the Barking Foyer on a Street Art course funded by the East Thames Group. Over the last 6 weeks the participants have created several individual canvases with positive and poignant messages. These will go on display at a joint showcase event for all the foyers in Stratford and then go up in their Foyer permanently.

Kingswood Young Peoples Centre

We have just painted the blinds of Kingswood Young Peoples centre, Kingswood Estate for Southwark Intergrated Youth Services.We worked with a large group of local kids over 2 days to create the artwork. I think you will agree that it makes a huge difference to a boring building- making it much more young people friendly!

Positive Arts renovate Bermondsey Alleyway

We were asked by Southwark Cleaner, Greener, Safer Department to to repaint, update and renovate a floral patterned alleyway in Bermondsey. You can see from the pics that we completely opened and brightened up the dark space by creating a bright and vibrant interpretation of the the floral design embedded on the wall.

Here is the wall before and after