St Matthew’s Primary School Murals

The team have just completed 3 large works of art at St Matthew’s Primary School,  transforming the schools entrance.

on our arrival we spent the day talking to the pupils about our murals and how they are created, we visited the walls to be painted and discussed how we can make them more inviting and exciting..

we spoke about the schools class names and how they are all named after animals and plants from around the united kingdom, it was also mentioned that the schools 5 values where to be represented within the designs (support, positive relationships, achievement and success, coping skills and confidence) also the schools motto “we are a Happy Centred School”
other considerations where the schools owl logo along with the uniform colours and the schools sports.

from this we designed 3 murals

1. landscape/wildlife mural incorporating as many of the animals and plants of the class names
with the school motto very large and centred.

2. sports wall / cricket, dodge ball, football, netball.

3. owl wall / based on the school logo with a wise owl in there nest with 3 young owls in school jumpers representing the pupils being taught and cared for.

throughout  the different stages the pupils came out and watched the murals take shape and asked us many questions about what we where doing and how parts of the mural where created.

overall the project has inspired and brightened a space for all to enjoy.

here are photos of the murals:

Short Time-lapse created by: Mr Thomas Green from St Mathews Primary School


Street Art course for Harlow Foyer

We have been working with a group of young residents from the Harlow Foyer on a Street Art course funded by the East Thames Group. Over the last 6 weeks the participants have created several individual canvases with positive and poignant messages. These will go on display at a joint showcase event for all the foyers in Stratford and then go up in their Foyer permanently.


Alperton community school enrichment day

Alperton community school held an enrichment day for there students with various art, music and cooking activities happening through out the course of the day, The Positive arts team delivered a graffiti / street art workshop working with 3 large class groups producing art work themed on heroes and villains which will be displayed around the school

each group had 1 and a half  hours to work together and discuss ideas and design a image to paint and complete.

the groups came up with some great ideas.


Summer workshops for Play Place Ltd

We have just been traveling the depths of south east London with a series of street art workshops for Play Place Ltd which have been funded by Amicus Horizons. Local kids have had the opportunity to create some great, abstract style, street art boards and t-shirts with out talented artists.


Urban Art Fair 2012

Despite the rain on Positive Arts still managed to put out all the stops with some original and outstanding graffiti art courtesy of Mr Cenz and Aero! We also had the privilege of checking out the new liquidtex spray paint and local MP Chuka Umunna popped by! Check it!