Liquitex and Cass Art present Positive Arts

Positive Arts artists Mr Cenz, Aero and Solo One painted some futuristic styles of graffiti on the hoardings next to Cass Art, Islington for Liquitex spray paint! The shape of things to come!


“Up in Palace”

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Positive Arts Presents “Up In Palace” A production by Mr Cenz, Aero, Solo one, Shucks, Pure one and Dane (VOP)

A collection of ‘Positve Arts’ artists have collaborated to bring you a new streetside production in Crystal Palace. We  spent 3 days brightening up a run down hoardings on Church Road, bringing a new lease of life to the area and showcasing some real Graffiti art to the public! The responce from locals and visitors was overwhelmingly positive espeacially during a week of riots!