Harlow Foyer graffiti workshop

We have just finished a 3 day graffiti workshop working at Occasio House (Harlow Foyer) creating works of art on two walls in there training room using mixed mediums.
With over 15 young people involved in all the stages from the design to finishing the murals.

the concept for the first wall titled “choose your Destiny” was to send a message that the life choices you make decides you own destiny.

the concept for the second wall titled “be wise” is of a fantasy woodland with a colourful wise owl centering the wall.



Positive Arts at Pop up Talent shops

We have just taken part in several pop up talent shops across London in Croydon, Braintree and Harlow. On the day we engaged the y/p in an inspiring workshop and shared our knowledge and experiences as professional artists. An important part of what we do is to encourage, inspire and empower y/p to enter into the arts like us so it was great to be part of these events along with several other employers!


Workshop for Inspired Life

We have just done a hugely sucessful workshop as part of an enrichment day for Redborne Upper School and Community College with Inspired Life.

The pupils created some great graffiti/street art boards for display within their school! Everybody was truly inspired!

cozzy 001

Cozenton Skate Park, Rainham

We have given some life and character to the Cozenton skate park in Rainham with the help of the users. We tried to engage all the different age groups of skaters, scooters and bmxers and get them to work together to create some street art style artwork on the concrete ramps etc. Everyone was very pleased with the results and we made very creative use of the difficult spaces.

Cottons Skate Park

We have just spent the last few days battling the wind and rain to paint the ramps at Cotton’s Skate Park in Romford for Havering Youth Service. The ramps had been very neglected and tagged to death so they needed the ‘Positive Arts’ touch! Here are some pics of the works of art that have brought them to life!