Zero Degrees skate park in New Haven

On March 7th Positive Arts was invited down to the grand opening of the Zero Degrees skate park in the BigParksProject at Peace Haven.

the day was packed with skating events along with many other activities happening all over the park with a new children’s play ground, new community cafe, public stalls and educational workshops about the local Archaeology .

Our focus for the day was to paint the back of the half moon ramp and to involve as many young people in creating the graffiti mural.

In total we had over 25 young people taking part throughout the day, below are photos of us all in action with the sun setting on us at the end of a great day!



Stand on the Green English wildlife mural

We have just finished a huge playground wall mural at Strand on the Green Junior School in Kew Bridge. The wall stretched around the whole playground and was about 150 feet in length. We worked with every class in the whole school to create this panoramic artwork based on English wildlife, flora and fauna. The design was split into 3 sections: Land, Water and sky. To get the full idea of the scale please watch the video.

Year 6 wildlife workshop boards to be displayed within the schools corridor’s


Jubilee Bridge Underpass, Croydon

We have just finished a huge mural on the two Jubilee Bridge underpass walls in central Croydon. The theme was to designed to tie in with the redevelopment of Wandle Park and featured illustrations of all the wildlife that can be found by the river Wandle. The project was intiated by COBA (Croydon Old Town Business Association) and the money came from the Mary Portas Fund. We had an overwhelmingly positive response from the locals especially those who have to the underpass everyday. It was clear that we had made a huge difference to their eveyday lives by making a dark threatening space a pleasure to walk through. Here are just some of the positive comments we recieved:

“It hasnt looked so good since they put it up”

“It makes a huge difference. Before it was dark, grubby and scary but now its a pleasure to walk through”

Thanks for making my life brighter”

“I can now officially use my underpass”

“The Wandle Mural is fantastic.  It has made such a difference and make walking through the tunnel, which I do most days, a much more pleasant experience.  The artwork is really beautiful, colourful and informative. Thanks to all who helped do this”

Croydon Jubilee Underpass mural

Croydon Jubilee Underpass mural

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North Heath Mural

We have just braved the wind and rain for two weeks to create a huge mural on the newly rendered outside walls of  Erith Rugby Club at North Heath Recreation ground, Bexley. The project was funded by Bexley Council and in partnership with the Youth Service, who we have joined forces with on numerous occasions over the years!

A group of enthusiastic local young people helped us to create the sports and outdoor themed mural which reflects the parks many uses. The result is a bright, bold and exciting piece which truly uplifts the space and landscape of the park. The many passers by were fascinated by seeing the mural develop and come to life day by day and amazed by the detail and quality of the end result.

‘The engagement with young people has resulted in a truly ‘inspirational work’ reflective of the park – thank you”

Clare Wells

Outdoor Recreations Manager, Bexley Council


Thamesmead Community Centre

In partnership with Trust Thamesmead we painted the side of the Thamesmead Community Centre with the help of the local y/p. The theme was a lush green scenery depicting the local wildlife and environment.