Harlow Foyer graffiti workshop

We have just finished a 3 day graffiti workshop working at Occasio House (Harlow Foyer) creating works of art on two walls in there training room using mixed mediums.
With over 15 young people involved in all the stages from the design to finishing the murals.

the concept for the first wall titled “choose your Destiny” was to send a message that the life choices you make decides you own destiny.

the concept for the second wall titled “be wise” is of a fantasy woodland with a colourful wise owl centering the wall.



Street Art course for Harlow Foyer

We have been working with a group of young residents from the Harlow Foyer on a Street Art course funded by the East Thames Group. Over the last 6 weeks the participants have created several individual canvases with positive and poignant messages. These will go on display at a joint showcase event for all the foyers in Stratford and then go up in their Foyer permanently.


Bronze Arts Award at Woodbridge Park Education Service

The Woodbridge Park Education Service is a Pupil Referral Service that works with students who have been referred as a result of permanent exclusion from school or for special tuition students who have a Statement of Special Education Needs and for whom there is no alternative provision.

Selected 14 and 15 year old pupils worked enthusiastically with the Positive Arts team over a period of 13 weeks to create professional pieces of graffiti art, whilst exploring social and personal issues through discussion and expressing their feelings on these issues through the artistic skills they learnt. A  group mural in the garden and an individual piece was produced by each course participant creating a sense of achievement and pride and enhanced self esteem. On completion of the course great improvements in Behaviour, Attitude and Attendance were seen in 6 (out of 7) young people who took part.

Congratulations to all the Woodbridge Park students who achieved the Arts Award Level 1 in Graffiti Art!



Mural at King Georges Field, Croydon

Over the half term we have been working with the Healthy Living Project in Croydon to create a huge public mural on a very neglected wall in King Georges Field, Selhurst, Croydon. The artwork shows the history of the area and a modern interpretation of King Georges Crest. The artwork makes a huge difference and has been greatly received by the locals.



Bronze Arts Award at Brentford School for Girls

Back in March Positive Arts began a 13 week Graffiti Art course at Brentford School for Girls in Brentford, Hounslow.

At risk of becoming NEET 14 and 15 year old girls were given the opportunity to create professional pieces of Graffiti /street art under the guidance of our talented artists. The group explored personal and social issues like education, social responsibility and community through individual and group discussions. The girls used their artistic skills to express their thoughts, feelings, experiences and knowledge of these issues through graffiti art.  A main group piece was produced along with individual canvases they could take home. By seeing their ideas develop into an amazing piece of graffiti artwork for display the girls gained a sense of achievement/pride and increased self- esteem. Through the group work process individuals learnt lots of new artistic and interpersonal skills and learnt about important issues in an informal environment. The Positive Arts team aim was to help participants gain an increased awareness of their own situations, thinking and behavior, which they could then use to assist change within their lives.

Fantastic job and well done to the 7 girls (out of 9 who started the course) who achieved the arts award Level 1 national qualification!