Outside mural at Hempstead Youth Centre, Medway

The team have just finished working with the local kids to create this stunning outside mural at Hempstead Youth Centre, Medway. The mural features the club name and some of of the activities that are on offer like music, camping, health and beauty etc. We had some students down to film the whole process so watch out for the video soon!


6th Form mural at Lampton School, Hounslow

We have just finished working with a group of students identified as being at risk of becoming NEET. They worked with one of our artists after school for 6 sessions to create an amazing mural in the Sixth Form recreation room. The artwork was inspired by American comic book illustrations.


Hempstead Youth Centre Mural

We have just transformed the outside of Hempstead Youth Centre in Medway with an exciting space themed mural. The artwork was designed and painted by a core group of members with the help of our artists over two days. As you can see from the photos the y/p had a great time learning new skills and techniques and are very proud of their mural. The robot character was the first piece of work by aspiring artist Daniel.

“The project was brilliant and the two artists were fantastic with the young people. There was some really good planning and brainstorming at the beginning and the young people loved seeing it come together. I particularly liked the fact that the two artists allowed the young people to get involved as much as possible while giving them guidance. My young people have learnt many new skills and are already asking when they can do another similar project!”

Pieter Barry

Youth Worker

Hempstead Youth Centre, Medway

inspire 001

Inspirational mural at the Aylesbury Estate

We have just spent the week transforming a neglected space opposite the Aylesbury Youth Centre on the Aylesbury Estate. We have created a huge 70s inspired mural for the young people and the residents to enjoy. The positive, inspirational and motivational theme features portraits of  some famous and inspirational black musicians and sports stars and is a fusion of graffiti/street art styles.

stockwell primary sch 001

Stockwell Primary School Playground

Our team have just brightening up the recently refurbished playground at Stockwell Primary School, Brixton with some bright, simple and effective artwork on the walls, which links in with the school logo, colour scheme and ethos.