arrow 006

Community project at 2Inspire

We have just finished our first project of the year with long time partners and the Lottery Award winning ‘Community Space Challenge’ in Southwark. Due to the wintery weather we decided to do something a little different. As the outside of the building is being refurbished we decided to create some giant arrows out wood, which would help navigate people to the entrance of the Youth Centre. On each of the 8 arrows we illustrated a different arts activity and use of the centre like Drama, Media and Community. The artworks were painted using mixed media and created by local kids and their families.


Bees n bikes!

We have just finished another uplifting mural on the Brandon 3 estate, Camberwell with Community Space Challenge. The theme was related to all the good work they do with the kids such as keeping bees, bike workshops and growing vegetables. Enjoy!


Brandon 3 Estate mural

We have just finished a mural with Community Space Challenge, Southwark on Brandon 3 Estate, Camberwell, London. The theme was to reflect the local wildlife, environment and the CSC vegetable growing project. All the community came out to help our artists create this amazing piece, which is much loved by the residents.


Osprey Estate Mural

We have just finished another great mural with Community Space Challenge on the Osprey Estate in Surrey Quays, London. It features all the birds that the blocks are named after like osprey, tawny, suskin and raven and an historic london docklands scene. All the community were out in support and a large group of the y/p from the estate took part in designing and painting of the wall. As you can see the result is amazing and another dull space is sucessfully transformed!

BLUE 001

Bermondsey Blue Market mural

This was a large mural project funded by Southwark, Cleaner greener safer department and organised in partnership with Community Space Challenge. We transformed a dull and neglected wall to create a large mural depicting the famous ‘Blue Market’ in the 1960’s featuring a traditional scene with barrow boy and original stalls. All ages from 6-80 yrs got involved with the consultation, design and the painting and it is now a much loved and respected piece of art which the whole community are very proud of.