Julian and James were brilliant to work with. They patiently instructed children on the methods for spray can use and listened to our design ideas. We had them working with groups of 8-12 children, which was ample to keep them focused and active. As the design took shape we marveled at their expertise with bringing the animals and vegetation to life. They went from vague outlines, to block coloured, to seemingly 3D characters in a matter of hours. How did they do it? I’ll never know! But, when we get another spare bit of funding we shall definitely be calling Positive Arts!

Anita Gorringe

Deputy Headteacher

Comber Grove Primary School, Camberwell, London

“The work was designed and carried out with Julian’s skills and experience guiding the young people in such a self esteem enhancing way. They have achieved something greater as a group with Julian than they could ever have achieved alone.

It was really impressive to see the piece come together.

The best part of the workshop was seeing the young people respond to their work, they looked so focussed and concentrated and then would stand back in admiration. Today I saw a look of pride on one young person’s face as he showed his family and it was based on the knowledge he had participated in something which looked amazing.

Julian’s ease and positivity as well as his clearly vast experience were key in his calm perseverance in teaching excellent skills in a very engaging way. I would, and have recommended him highly”

Leah Cooper, Teacher, Rivers Education Support Centre

“Positive Arts had a difficult job because the group was very large but I thought they did really well in making sure everybody had a go and their input was listened to. They worked with the young people really well, they worked hard to make sure that the tight timetable was kept to, and were careful to make sure the young people were aware of health and safety issues around the spray painting.”

Katie Wilson

Learning Mentor

St.Pauls C.E. Primary School, Hammersmith, London

Engaging the y/p- Julian and the Positive Arts Team have been excellent in engaging the young people I have put through the programmes. Julian’s hands on style is very effective with young people; the brief of the work and the skills of the young people have always been a consideration for Julian when organising projects. This groundwork has proved to be really useful in engaging the young people and keeping their interest in the project.

Paul Howard
Reparation coordinator
Wandsworth Youth Offending Team

Delivering the work- Julian has always been professional in the delivery of the work to be carried out. Health and Safety issues are at the forefront of the work (ensuring my y/p are safe in what they do is a major concern). The work has always been carried out professionally, with a sense of inclusion and fun.

Achieving aims and objectives- the aims of engaging young people, teaching them new skills whilst involving them in producing high quality work for the community have always been met. The young peoples sense of achievement has always been very apparent at the end of a project.

I feel the experience of creating high quality work have increased young peoples confidence, team working and communication skills.
Young people have used their experience of working alongside Positive Arts to gain entry into college courses (photo records and personal testimony have been used).
I would have no hesitation in using or recommending Julian and the team for working with young people. I have always enjoyed working with them and have complete confidence in the ethos and delivery of their work.

Art skills were learnt, group discussions took place, and wider issues such as drug taking were central the sessions.

The facilitators allowed the group space to develop their ideas while still keeping them on track to finish the pieces on time. Useful discussions were also facilitated well.

Cliff Hilderley
Battersea Crime Prevention Manager

Both Julian and Jamie are excellent at engaging with the children and young people.

Broomleigh has contracted Positive Arts to work on numerous street art projects around the borough. Each project has produced eye-catching visual works and is linked to Broomleigh’s resident involvement and community project work.

We feel that these projects engage young people in their own community and allow them to feel they can take ownersh ip of their estate/block in a positive way – rather than through tagging etc.

The faciltator’s were excellent, engaged, very dedicated and reliable.

Liz Chambers
Community Projects Officer
Broomleigh Housing Association

The facilitators were very effective, gave clear instructions and were very focussed on what the YP were doing.

Coping with weather conditions, a large group and time limits was admirable. Thank you

Lucy Feather
Childline in Partnership with Schools Development Officer

Superb- both artists worked way beyond what could have been expected in order to complete the project

D. Fellingham

Head of Southborough Primary School, Petts Wood, Bromley, Kent

The young people had the opportunity to be involved in all aspects of the production, from design through to the painting itself. They were encouraged to make the boards personal with their own ideas, which some of the young people struggled to do, but with help from the facilitators some great images made their way onto the boards!
The results were fab – the young people were really pleased with the boards and they are on display in the centre, which gives them a greater sense of involvement and ownership of the space.
The facilitators engaged well with the young people and their obvious skill ensured they were respected in their role. They were patient, enthusiastic and communicated on a good level with the young people.

Suzy Isted

Area Youth Worker
Croydon Youth Service

The pieces of work created were of an excellent standard and we have received lots of positive comments from staff members.  The involvement of the young people was encouraged and maintained thoughout. Young people’s ideas were treated with respect and generated in a positive manner.

All the young people’s feedback on the sessions was very positive and enthusiastic. Sessions fit in very well with the group programme and contributed to raising young peoples self esteem and confidence in own abilities. Also improved young peoples motivation encouraging them to get out of lounges and engage in programme. Young people received a lot of positive reinforcement from the facilitators.

Positive Arts were really great with the young people, really engaged them and motivated them to participate.  When coming up with ideas for the boards the facilitators combined the young peoples suggestions with their own creative vision excellently.

Kate Conneely

Occupational Therapist

Coborn unit for Child and Adolescent Mental Health