Insurance and CRB’s

Positive Arts has full public liability insurance cover and all workers are currently CRB checked. Full details are available upon request.

Heath and Safety

The health and safety of our clients is of uppermost importance to us and plays a very important part of the work we do.

All our sessions begin with an in-depth heath and safety briefing, which is always readdressed where necessary.

Our health and safety guidelines are:

• Participants must always where a professional protective mask whilst spraying

• Participants must stand at least five feet away from the spraying area whilst waiting and observing

• Participants must try and avoid paint contacting skin and eyes by wearing gloves if necessary and using correct spraying technique

• Participants or observers must not smoke near the painting area

• Participants must use the correct caps for cans

• Participants must spray in the correct way shown to them in the briefing

Please not we can provide specific risk assessments upon request

Go – Green

with our environmentally friendly and fume free option

We can work with chalk paint and paint pens for a completely health and safety free project. This is perfect for working indoors or in a school environment.

Please ask for more details.