Brentford Canal Mural

We have just finished a huge mural along the wall of Brentford canal with the Canal and Rivers Trust. The wall is around 300ft long and was in a very bad state, covered in graffiti etc. The transformation took place over 2 weeks and involved the consultation of the local community and the help of young people from Hounslow (YOS) Youth Offending Service to do the painting. The wall runs along the Brentford warehouse, which can be dark and intimidating to walk through. The bright, light and positive mural has completely changed the experience of walking done the path and has been widely praised by locals. The theme of the artwork takes inspiration from one of the area’s famous former residents; Vincent Van Gogh lived in Isleworth for three years, from 1876-79, and walked past Brentford Dock on his way to the Congregational Church at Turnham Green. His work “The Starry Night” was incorporated into scenes found along the route of the Grand Union Canal from Brentford, as it continues into the Regent’s Canal which winds through London before finishing at Limehouse. Also we illustrated the local birds, fish and mammals found on the canal.

Dick Vincent, Canal & River Trust towpath ranger, said: “This mural was inspired by local people and has turned an old eyesore into a really positive site for the area. We’ve had great feedback from local people. It’s great that local young people and organisations can contribute like this and we’re delighted that they are keen to do more in the future to keep it looking fresh.”


Harlow Foyer graffiti workshop

We have just finished a 3 day graffiti workshop working at Occasio House (Harlow Foyer) creating works of art on two walls in there training room using mixed mediums.
With over 15 young people involved in all the stages from the design to finishing the murals.

the concept for the first wall titled “choose your Destiny” was to send a message that the life choices you make decides you own destiny.

the concept for the second wall titled “be wise” is of a fantasy woodland with a colourful wise owl centering the wall.



Aylesbury Estate Community Garden Graffiti Mural

Autumn 2014 half term we spent the week working with young people from 2inspire youth club and Aylesbury Estate, helping to create a graffiti mural for there Community Garden which holds plots for local residents to grow a variety of food and flaura from squashes to sunflowers and is a place for all to learn about cultivation.


3D floor mural in Baku, Azerbaijan

The Positive arts team had the pleasure of being invited to Baku in Azerbaijan to create a huge 3-d floor mural for the IDEA, an organisation run by the presidents daughter Leila. It was in a new new park in the city centre and measured around 7 x 20 metres. It took 5 days of backbreaking work to create the illusion of looking down into a waterfall surrounded by mountains, featuring the big five animals in Azerbaijan- caucasian leopard, brown bear, eagle, wolf and gazelle. Everybody was really amazed by the outcome and the local loved taking photos. The mural was officially opened by the Presidents daughter Leila and lots of other government officials.

During our time there we also helped and mentored some young aspiring Azerbaijani artists. We assisted them to create there own floor murals next to ours.

You can see pictures of the event here



Palace Road Nature Garden Mural

We have just finished a huge mural on the side of the the St Mungo’s Trust building which faces into the Palace Road Nature Garden in Streatham Hill. The wall depicts the seven continents of the world as stain glass windows to reflect the multicultural community. It was a great inter-generational project working with 3 to 70 year old’s from the local area. The mural has mad a huge difference to the enjoyment and profile of the lovely nature garden. It was funded by Lambeth Council and supported and organised by the friends group, headed by Gerry Mc Ateer.

For the opening local celebrity Levi Roots came down and unveiled the windows one by one. It was a great day and celebration of a wonderful project.

Photos of the local community getting involved.

Photos of the mural completed.

Levi Roots unveils the stain glass windows.

image copyimagepalace-road