Events / hoardings


We can organise and implement exhibitions or open evenings where the y/p can show of their amazing artwork to parents/careers, friends, professionals and the public. This is often involves a private view evening where the participants are presented with certificates and qualifications. We are very skilled and experiences in the curating of the artwork, the practical displaying and the complete organising from finding a venue, designing the flyer to PR and press.

Art Events/Festivals

We are also very experienced organising in bigger events and festivals such as the ‘Street Art’ area of Urban Art in Brixton, which we have run for several years. We have contacts with the best artists in the UK and can transform large spaces with amazing artwork in just one day.


Over the years we have painted many hoardings for companies wanting some dynamic and exciting artwork to advertise their brand or development. We can literally transform a huge space in just 24 hours with artwork from our amazing team and a host of other big names in the street art scene.

To find out more about our Events and how to make a booking!
Please get in contact with the 'Positive Arts Team'.

To see more of our exceptional Events we have created go to our gallery page.

live exhibition demo

Urban Art Brixton 2015