Stand on the Green English wildlife mural

We have just finished a huge playground wall mural at Strand on the Green Junior School in Kew Bridge. The wall stretched around the whole playground and was about 150 feet in length. We worked with every class in the whole school to create this panoramic artwork based on English wildlife, flora and fauna. The design was split into 3 sections: Land, Water and sky. To get the full idea of the scale please watch the video.

Year 6 wildlife workshop boards to be displayed within the schools corridor’s


Ranscombe Farm Reserve Community Mural Project

Ranscombe Farm is a nature reserve on the slopes of the North Downs in Kent. Recently declared as a country park, a large part of the site is within the Cobham Woods Site of Special Scientific Interest, and the whole farm is within the Kent Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.  Ranscombe Farm has been an important botanic site for hundreds of years.

Funded by the Heritage Lottery Money, Plantlife, the organisation responsible for the  Ranscombe Farm Reserve, asked Positive Arts to run a  new community art project, working with the local community to design and create a mural for the underpass beneath the M2. The underpass, which until now has been left neglected for years, leads from Albatross Avenue to Ranscombe Farm Reserve and on to beautiful open countryside.

Positive Arts held a community consultation session and working along side 30 young people from the Medway Youth Service, the theme ‘come and discover – come and explore’ was developed highlighting the magical journey to and through Ranscombe Farm.

The underpass is Positive Arts biggest mural to date – 250 feet long on two sides and the team were painting for 3 weeks. The mural is now complete and the subway is much more welcoming and appealing to visitors. It is hoped that the ownership, passion and pride felt by the people involved, will help towards the long-term preservation of the underpass and create a feeling of community cohesion.


Local Press


Second Brent Library Mural

Here is the second mural for the School Participation Project with Brent Council painted on the hoardings of the new library development. It is called ‘ The Heart of Willesden Green’ and shows all the uses of the new library centre and how important the library is to the local community. This was designed by pupils from Newham and Queens Park school and painted by pupils from Donnington and Newham school.

Brent Mural 2

First Brent Library Mural

Here is our first mural created for Brent Council for the School Participation Project at the Lewinson Centre, Willesden High Road. The work is called ‘The Joys of Reading’ and was designed by pupils from Donnington Primary School and painted by them and pupils from Queens Park School


Willesden Green Library School Participation Project

Back in April Positive Arts started a 3 month project with Brent Council to create 2 murals to help advertise the new Willesden Green library project and the temporary library spaces.

Huge preparation and planning went into this project involving children from local primary and secondary schools at every stage  from the design/ideas, through to the practical. Children from Donnington, Newham and Queens Park School were taught how to use ‘street art’ skills and techniques to produce the huge artworks alongside our artists.

The first stage was a workshop at the old library where we got the pupils to practice and learn some new skills by creating some temporary artwork about the new building. Then we had two planning sessions to design and plan the murals.

Here is an excert from a letter published in Willesden and Brent Times by local Liberal Democrat Councillor Ann Hunter

“The newly painted mural on the Lewinson Centre wall on the High Road in Willesden, pointing to the temporary library premises, …  brightens up the street and the design is uplifting…..the Donnington Primary School children who came up with the idea for the design, and, along with Queens Park School, helped execute it,  are to be congratulated, as are the Positive Arts team, Julian, James and Will who brought the children’s original ideas to fruition. It is a breath of fresh air in the busy urban scene, which is what a library is……as the children recognise!”

“Even people who are going through hard times  appreciate rays of sunshine in their lives…..Everyone I spoke to when I was in front of the mural yesterday thought it was really great. And the point of it is to highlight the temporary library facilities.Through seeing their ideas created into a successful piece of work, the school children felt a sense of achievement, ownership and increased self-esteem.”

Please see posts Brent mural 1 and 2