Palace Road Nature Garden Mural

We have just finished a huge mural on the side of the the St Mungo’s Trust building which faces into the Palace Road Nature Garden in Streatham Hill. The wall depicts the seven continents of the world as stain glass windows to reflect the multicultural community. It was a great inter-generational project working with 3 to 70 year old’s from the local area. The mural has mad a huge difference to the enjoyment and profile of the lovely nature garden. It was funded by Lambeth Council and supported and organised by the friends group, headed by Gerry Mc Ateer.

For the opening local celebrity Levi Roots came down and unveiled the windows one by one. It was a great day and celebration of a wonderful project.

Photos of the local community getting involved.

Photos of the mural completed.

Levi Roots unveils the stain glass windows.

image copyimagepalace-road



Mural at Gladstone Park Primary School

We have just finished an outdoor mural at Gladstone Park Primary School based on the winning designs from a student competition. The theme of the artwork was International Day 2104. The artwork has made a huge difference and is now a much loved feature of the school.

photo 2

Sainsbury’s mural in central Croydon

Sainsbury’s local in Central Croydon have finally put up the artwork created with a group of local kids from the Healthy Living Project (Who we have been working with for over 10 years now!) The work was created on boards and then photographed and printed into a window sticker. As you can see it looks fantastic and really gives the street some colour and energy. The theme of the artwork was to link with and reflect Sainsbury’s Active Kids Programme, focussing on education and awareness of fresh food and exercise.


New mural at King Georges Playing field, Croydon

We have just finished creating another great mural on the other side of the wall at King Georges Playing Field, Selhurst, Croydon. We worked with about 15 local kids aged 8- 18yrs to create a fun mural based on local wildlife and sports. Enjoy!


Mural at King Georges Field, Croydon

Over the half term we have been working with the Healthy Living Project in Croydon to create a huge public mural on a very neglected wall in King Georges Field, Selhurst, Croydon. The artwork shows the history of the area and a modern interpretation of King Georges Crest. The artwork makes a huge difference and has been greatly received by the locals.