Outside mural for ‘The Hub Community Centre’

Last year we created a huge mural for the outside of the multi purpose Hub Community Centre in Hounslow. The artwork was hand painted and designed work with the moving shutters. The theme was to represent a light and airy meadow as the centre is on Meadows Close. The outcome is a minimal, modern and striking artwork which breathed new life into the tired looking building.


King Kong Palace 2013

The Positive Arts  team of  Mr Cenz, Tizer One and Aero have just spent the last week updating and repainting the hoardings on Church Road with a retro King Kong theme. It was inspired by a 1920’s King Kong poster and shows him on the palace tower! This coincided with the Crystal Place Festival! Enjoy!



‘Staines Moor’ Mural

We have just spent almost 3 weeks painting this huge 140ft long mural in an underpass leading to Staines Moor. It is a beautiful and important sanctuary featuring some amazing and  rare bird life. We were commissioned by Spelthourne Council to create the artwork to encourage more visitors and to enhance the dull and dingy entrance. The mural features images of all the flora, fauna and wildlife found on the flatlands, painted in the style of victorian zoological illustrations on paper. It also features the name in medieval scripture as it has been a common land since that time.

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Side One:

side Two:


Artist’s take over at Wilsden Green Library

We have just begun the first stage of a big project with Brent Council by decorating the side of Wilsden Green Library with some amazing Graffiti/Street art from Inkfetish, Mr Cenz and Aero. The works have transformed the lifeless building into a colourful and vibrant gallery for all to enjoy. The building is to be closed and redeveloped in a couple of weeks and we will be creating some permanent murals with locals schools educating and informing the residents about the move. Watch this space for updates!


union jack 001

Diamond Jubilee Window Display

Positive Arts coordinator Mr Cenz has created a unique graffiti style union jack for Poison Angel clothing in South Kensignton. The boards will be used as a window display backdrop over the Bank Holiday. Enjoy!